Copywriting My professional background is in advertising and public relations writing. After leaving school, I studied advertising copywriting at college and I have subsequently worked in that industry for all of my career. Initially I just did the writing bit, then I became a Creative Director which put me in charge of the design and finished artwork too. I didn't do it all myself but I managed and guided the people who did. I also commissioned photography, models and illustration and directed photography shoots.

Advertising In 1993 I set up my own company doing advertising. On this site you can see some of the work I have done. I sometimes freelance for advertising agencies, but all of the work shown here was commissioned directly by the clients involved, so I took the whole thing from initial brief to final implementation, including buying cost effective print or media where required. Sometimes this involved commissioning other professionals, sometimes I worked entirely on my own.

Please contact me if you are an advertising or PR agency looking for a reliable freelance copywriter, account handler or creative all rounder. Alternatively if you represent a company looking to possibly save a bit of cash by going direct to an advertising creative with the experience and credentials of working for big name accounts, I would be equally delighted for you to contact me.

Public Relations In 1996 I hit the headlines when I took a government quango to court to fight to allow the export of my late husband's sperm in order that I could still have his children after his death. My opposition had a press relations department. I handled my own PR and media bookings for this very successful, if traumatic, campaign, gaining around 90% public support in the many opinion poles conducted. See my PR work. I won and then went on to lobby parliament to try and change the law to allow my late husband's name to appear as my children's father on their birth certificates. They agreed to change it but then dragged their heels so much, I went to court again to prove that the law in place at the time was contrary to the Human Rights Act 1998. So finally we got it changed in 2003.

I won in the courts twice but I think it fair to say that without the heartfelt sympathy of 90% of the British public and the help and support they gave me I would have been lost. If you were one of those people - thanks a million!

Author Since then I've written my autobiography. I have a few copies left so if you want to buy a signed copy contact me. Film rights are now available. I would also consider doing ghost writing work. Contact me if you have anything to explore.

Journalism I have written articles for The Guardian, The Sunday Telegraph and a few magazines. I am open to approaches, so if you have any ideas you wish to explore, please contact me.

Public Speaking I have also commented extensively in the media on fertility and human rights issues and done a lot of public speaking. I've spoken at human rights conferences and for fertility and meningitis charities and also done personal motivational speeches, one for a keep fit charity. I am happy to do more work in this area and will consider any proposals made to me. Please contact me to discuss.

Media Training I am often contacted for advice on fertility issues and media relations. I have done that many interviews myself that I can give good media training advice. Most people who offer media training are former interviewers, not interviewees. I think it helps to talk to someone who has experienced the hot seat themselves! I have been interviewed by Jeremy Paxman, Oprah Whinfrey, local, national and international TV news, radio and loads of magazines and newspapers. I have 212 media contacts in my address book. At some time I must have spoken to them all and probably a few more I forgot to write down as well. I have experience of crisis media management for companies, gained before I became famous, so my media work isn't all personal.

If your company needs media training advice, which can be light hearted with an interesting personal story behind it or if you are a media training company looking for different angle for one of your speakers at a seminar, please contact me.